12 Essay Tips That Help To Become A Creative And More Productive Writer

Your business can benefit a lot if you can increase the speed of typing your content. It’s not only about speed, but it is also about the quality of the content. Our writing skills matter, or else it would not bring the reader interest. Making it enjoyable doesn’t mean that it needs to be lengthy. An exciting content has creative material and is limited in words. You can do all of this if you’re able to type quickly; by doing this, your saving time for yourself that can be spent on proof-reading editing or writing more content for your business. This tip applies to bloggers, writers, authors, copywriters, or more fields related to typing content. Various creative writing tips can assist you to better your writing skills. If you have some questions in your mind about how to become a writer or how to become a freelance writer than these tips are helpful for you as well,

Have a look at some of the most top creative writing tips to assist you in writing better.


As we all know, “getting started is the hardest part of writing,” so it is essential to plan creative ideas before, even if it is rough. The worse thing for a writer is not knowing what to write about. It can harm your productivity. Therefore, it is recommended for all the writers out there to have some ideas planned before. What are you going to write about? How will you start it? How will you end it? Gain knowledge on what to write on? How to bring the reader’s interest. Once you plan all of these things, you are ready to write a mind-blowing masterpiece content.


A writer should never think they are too smart to write an outline. An online of the planned content helps you to stay focus and to know what to write. This improves the content quality, and you be able to write things in a proper transitional way. Take help from WordPress editors and write down all of your essential points. Once you have organized a layout, you will not forget any critical points that need to be there. If an idea pops later on, just go back and write it.


Never wait for the perfect writing moment. Yes, that’s right. You can always have creative writing ideas at unexpected places, but when it’s finally time to write content. You are blacked out. This is the actual moment when you have to push yourself to keep on writing even when it’s not working out. Forcing yourself to write will help you develop writing skills and make it easier to write next time. These are some of the mental disciplines that need to be practiced, and gradually your English writing styles and skills would improve in beautiful ways.


According to the survey conducted by essay writing service creative writing courses, on a typical working day, productivity is at its highest by 11 AM and comes back to you after lunch. Hence, it is essential to make sense of your schedule and prioritize creative writing before any other important work. For writers, you cannot find creativity round the clock. Instead, they come to you at a particular time. That’s why it is crucial to plan a day and writer when productivity is at its fullest. Plan the least important task by the end of the Day and focus on writing first. It’s all about the mental focus that a writer requires to write exceptional qualitative content.


Distraction is known to be a killer for productive writing. By disturbance, we do not mean only the big things but also small minority things such as you are in your productive mode with complete focus on your content, then suddenly a notification pops up on Instagram, you have a look at it, and then you will open it which would drive your focus away. It’s that simple. Many writers in London have complained about the same issue. Therefore, have complete silence where ever you are sitting. Let it be your office space or at home. Have an entire focus on your content.


Many writers have agreed that when it’s the time to write, they just stare at the document on the laptop or computer and think, how to write? It’s the first sentence that gets you started. Instead of having a stare at the document, try to write accessible and straightforward sentences just to get you going. If you feel like writing, “Today we are going to discuss” then go with it. Don’t hesitate. Write and write again until your mind hits the perfect sentence on the document.


When you are writing a 500 words content in 10 minutes or writing the same content 500 words in two hours, all you would have by the end of the Day is the content you wrote. To be more productive, improve your typing skills and focus on results. It’s all about the writing targets that you have set and not about the time spend on it. To explain it better, here are some examples,

  • Writing 2000 words per Day
  • Writing 12 chapters per Day
  • Completing 50 articles per week

These should be your focused results, but make sure the quality is not compromised to meet targets. If you are working on freelance, then you can work in your comfort zone.  For office-based writers, you can talk with your supervisor on how much quality content you can produce per day. Stay focus on the results that could be by the end of the Day or by the end of the week.


This is the key to success for writers. Consistency helps you improve your productivity. Even when you do not feel like writing someday or you do not have anything to write. You are still trying to write something as creative writing to keep yourself in practice. It can let you stay in practice. One Day you are typing 4000 words, and the next Day, your typing 0. It makes a hell of a difference.


It’s a unique tip for writing skills, and it will also help you improve productivity in general. Motivation gets things done more successfully, and it also has a significant impact on your writing skills. When you are motivated, you tend to write better, but you cannot perform your best when you are de-motivated.


This is always a good idea to read the content of other writers of the same field. It will help you realize what you are missing in your content. How they start it and how they end it. Do not get de-motivated by reading other content; instead, take proper note of how they are writing.


This one you might have heard before. Always keep the edit for later. First, write whatever needs to be written. Then do the edit for alter. No matter how expert writer you are. Mistakes happen, therefore write it all and then proof-read and edit. If you rewrite every word or sentence, it will hurt your focus.


This is the last tip that is the most effective one, for all the writers reading this, it is essential to read productive books. You can see how the content is written, what type of words are used, how the content is structured.


Your output of content does not matter as much as your content’s quality; this helps to maintain a healthier balance to both of them. Writing is a skill that not everyone owns, but it needs to be developed by the passage of time. Also, you have to focus on the quality and time spends on the content.  We hope our writing tips were helpful to you. Academic writing skills can also be developed through these tips we provided.

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