Following the APA – American Psychological Association format in your papers is great. In this blog, you will learn how you can reference a book in APA format. But for that, you also need to make yourself familiar with the use of APA format that is most commonly used in your social sciences or psychology papers. Before you start forming a reference page for your essays, papers, reports, or articles, there are some rules and guidelines related to the APA style that you need to learn. This style can be used for different kinds of references, also involving books.

There are so many situations that greatly affect how you create your references. For example, the book does not have a single author or it includes a chapter or part in a book that is already edited. Let’s look at the following guidelines that will help you in making proper book references in APA format.


  • The fundamental structure of your book reference must list the last name of the author as well as their first initials, the year of its publication, the title of the book, and the name of the publisher. These things should never be forgotten when you are creating a book reference in APA format. However, you would have to go with different formats in case the books are edited, don’t have an author, require some specific formatting, or are translated.
  • If you have difficulty in referencing an edited book that involves one or many editors? Here’s how you can do it. Books that are edited having one or more than one author must also adhere to the basic structure when you reference a book. You should include their last name, initials, as well as Ed. in parentheses once you have given the book title.
  • There are some edited books that don’t have any author. If you are wondering what to do in such situations, the answer is right here! Books that don’t have an author should have the first initials and the last name of one or more editors, and mentioning Ed. or Eds. after that in parentheses. The rest of the reference must follow the same basic structure and list the year of publication, the title of the book in italics, and also the name of the publisher.
  • Most of the time, some books also feature a set of articles that are crafted by several different authors in a book that is edited. Articles that are written by single authors and can be seen in such works must include the first initial and the last name of the author, the date of publication, and the title of the book. Moving on, the editors should also be noted, the book’s title and its page number for every chapter, and the name of the publisher should be followed after.
  • Next comes the APA format of translated books. We see the best books of psychologists or articles translated into English that were once written originally in some other language. Books that are translated from their original language should list the last name as well as the author’s first initial, the year of publication, and the title of the book. The last name and first initials of the translator as well the notation Trans. Should also be listed in parentheses. You should also mention the name of the publisher and the year of publication.


While the above points are made clear on how to write references in your book in APA format, there are some more things you need to be familiar with. You should remember to double-space the reference page and never forget the indent. Every reference’s first line should stick to the left side of the page. The following lines of your reference must also be indented. You also need to keep in mind the Digital Object Identifier. If it is available, list it in your reference too but at the end. Last but not least, don’t forget to mention the URL. Suppose that a book is made accessible through an online database, you need to follow the standard APA format and incorporate the complete URL properly at the end.

Make sure you are following all the guidelines. This will make your references and your writing style and format much clearer and elegant. Your writing matters a lot in your academic career and you would not like to ruin your paper with some silly mistakes. If you want, you can also get the assignment writing service available everywhere and get your essays, reports, articles, and assignments, etc. from them. They can also reference your book in the appropriate APA format and you will feel no need to worry about your book not being referenced properly or that article or essay still not being complete. It’s time you make things easier for yourself and a little help never hurts anybody.

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