Nobody ever in their life wants their work to be rejected or considered as copied from somewhere else. That is where referencing comes. Referencing is an important element for students and researchers. Referencing is acknowledging or giving credit to the publisher or authors’ work. It is important to give a reference so that the reader knows which work is yours and which work is of other publisher or writer. Note that it is important to give reference and cite the author’s work or else it will be considered as copying which is a crime also known as plagiarism. There are many types of referencing. Every type has a different way of citations and writings. Many UK assignment writers can help you and guide you all about citations and referencing. It is complicated but once you know about them it gets easier.  Each type is unique and different from the other one and it depends on the academic discipline involved:

The types of references are APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian. APA is used in education, psychology, and Sciences. MLA is used in Humanities. Harvard is used in economics And Chicago or Turabian style is used in Business, History, and Arts. There is a difference between citation and referencing and people mostly get confused about it. The citation tells where the information or data came from. And reference tells you the details about the source so that readers can understand it properly and they can find it too if they want more details.

The most used and similar referencing styles are APA and Harvard. There are many similarities but there are key differences between both the referencing styles.

American Psychological Association also is known as APA was introduced in 1929. The references should be written in alphabetical order. If there are two authors name then the last name of both the authors should be used. If there are more than 2 authors, all the last names of the authors should be only for the first time when referring them for the first time. And after that, the last name of the first author should be used followed by “et al” also known as “and others” in English. If there are more than 6 authors then only the last of the first author followed by “et al” is used throughout the text. In APA. References are termed as references. The title is written in Italics in an APA citation.

On the other hand, Harvard referencing style is similar to APA but in Harvard, when the names of 2 or 3 authors are used with “and” but if there are more 3 authors then the last name of the first author is cited followed by “et al” or “and others.” The references in the research page are termed as “references list.” The Harvard referencing style requires an abstract of the whole topic before the introduction and other elements which is a unique element because no other referencing styles require an abstract.

These are some of the differences between APA and Harvard. Always remember to use one type of style. Never mix and match two different styles because it is considered wrong. APA and Harvard both are an integral part of a student’s life. It distinguishes between the publishers and you work and it will never be considered as plagiarism. So next time when you write a research paper make sure to only select one reference style and use it as told. There are many guides available online which can help you write easily.

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