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Difference between Essay and Report

During the school life and college life, students are often asked to submit essays, reports and other write ups. It becomes daunting at times for students because the patterns and structures of essays and reports can be confusing for them. Also, the amount of brainstorming involved makes them tired. However, if students know the difference between essay and report, and know the right tools to write they can easily create one without being distracted from their pace.

First of all, the writers need to understand the purpose of writing an essay and a report. Both of them serve different purpose. Their formats are also different from each other. Following is a detailed explanation of essay vs report.

Purpose of Essay:

Essays are written mainly to answer a question asked, to show understanding of the topic, to explain, to persuade or simply for entertainment. It typically contains introduction, body and conclusion. It also includes evidences, references and explanation to support the writer’s point of view to the readers. The essay does not have any recommendation or suggestions.

Purpose of Report:

Reports are written to convey information on a specific situation. Research and data analysis is carried out thoroughly before writing a report. Reports need to be accurate to deliver authentic information to the readers. The writer is supposed to elaborate the information on a particular research. The report is concluded by recommendation or suggestions too.

How to write an Essay?

Essays are supposed to include all the necessary details and descriptions. It also needs to have a proper evidence to support an argument as well as an explanation to further elaborate the evidence. The conclusion should also be interlinked with the main idea of the content. There should be a proper order for low cost writing an essay.

Structure of an essay:

The structure of an essay includes the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

However, if a detailed and an extensive essay or a thesis is required then the following sections are to be included in the essay. They are:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Findings and analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

How to write a Report?

Reports are written to the point with a proper research done. The shorter the report, the easier it is for the reader to go through it. Since reports are usually used in corporate and professional levels, therefore people do not have much time to read every detail of it. It is important for the writer to make sure that he has not missed any point yet has mentioned all the important details in the report.

Structure of a report:

The structure of a report should consist of the following parts:

  • Title page: The title page should have report title, writer’s name and date of submission written on it.
  • Executive summary: This contains subject overview, issue, methodology, findings and recommendations.
  • Table of contents: This contains an index of sections with their respective page numbers.
  • Introduction: In this part of the report, terms of reference and structure outline of the report should be written
  • Body: This is the part where all the headings, subheadings, findings, data and analysis along with methodology is written
  • Conclusion: The result that has been determined from all the research is mentioned in the conclusion.
  • Reference list: This list includes all the sources from where the data has been collected
  • Appendix: This section mainly contains extra information which supports the data and analysis but is not valuable enough to be inculcated in the body section.

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