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The changes caused by the pandemic in the digital world of today are quite evident. We have seen drastic changes and precautionary measures being taken in these challenging times. The lives of thousands have been affected, the lifestyle of hundreds have been changed, and the dynamics of every sector has altered since the beginning of the COVID-19.

When people are trying to resolve these issues and make sure everybody is safe, students who have a long way to cover ahead are suffering because their life has turned upside down in the past few months. The question we stumble upon again and again is: Are they really suffering? We know how the modern technologies have made an impact on our lives greatly, and we hear stories of how students use their videos look like they are paying due attention to the topic their professors or instructors are teaching on, but in reality, they are playing games or doing other stuff in the background. Not to mention they are a bit attentive, but so that they can answer when they called upon. These tricks aren’t that difficult to pull off, they are almost unnoticeable, but we know the kids of today, and there’s no way we can force them to do something they don’t want to, at least in a virtual class.

Fortunately, some professors or instructors have the privilege to teach students who want to invest their time in good learning and productivity and are making sure the time and money they have paid to acquire education are worth it. The relationship between such students and teachers is based on respect and trust when somebody shows eagerness and willingness to learn, it is then possible to put all your extra effort or go an extra mile for them because you want to help them out and don’t want their efforts or yours to go in vain.

Teachers try their best to teach students as effectively as possible. The time when they used old and outdated software is gone, and now they are coping up with modernity, trying to give lectures and teach through Zoom, Google Meet, and Google Classroom, etc. They are using the platforms that enable them in sharing or presenting their screen with the students, making them understand things better, and facilitating the process of communication. With the use of new and innovative software and through these online classes, there is a fruitful interaction between the students and teachers allowing the students to ask questions virtually by raising their hands, seeing the faces of the teachers and vice versa, and making the experience similar to that of a classroom. Even though we can see the differences between the two quite clearly, the question arises: Is acquiring education online an alternative for teaching face-to-face? Or do we stand at a point where we consider online education a better and enhanced experience? We can’t find the answer easily. When students expect to be trained face-to-face when the alternatives are proposed in the form of communication done through an online platform and that too, with limitations, we see their satisfaction and expectation levels dropping. We can also see those expectations breaking when students begin to postpone whatever courses they took and then wait for the usual service to continue. If there is a way to improve this interaction through an alternative, this can happen less commonly.

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