Tips to Write Peel Paragraphs by Assignment Ace Writers

How to write a peel paragraph

Being able to write an effective paragraph can be really difficult at times as the main focus of writer is usually to grab the readers’ attention. Writers brainstorm such opening sentence and content that could captivate a reader’s attention. This thinking process can at times be really daunting. This is the reason writers look up for various techniques to assist them in creating a meaningful essay.

A good essay has a proper order of introduction, middle and conclusion. Before writing an essay, it is important to make a proper outline in the mind. It could be done through bullets, table, or a web diagram. Repetition of words, passive voice and informal language should be avoided while writing an essay. However, one great technique to make an essay or a paragraph be effective is to use a PEEL technique. It is used for the following purposes:

  1. For keeping focus on the main topic
  2. To use the evidence in a right way
  3. For a balanced use of existing information

What is a PEEL Paragraph?

PEEL essay writing is the backbone of brainstorming the ideas for writing an essay. It helps writers to explore their thoughts and imagination to a degree where they could provide evidence to support their opinions. It stands for POINT, EVIDENCE, EXPLANATION and LINK.

  1. POINT:

The first sentence or the topic sentence of paragraph is what grabs a reader’s attention. This is why it should create an impression of what the paragraph is going to be about. Basically, readers get an idea of the topic of your content by reading the first sentence. The writer needs to identify whether his opening sentence is relevant or not. This is what POINT determines, to keep a focus of your text.


As the word itself refers, evidence is a proof to make the readers believe that whatever you stated as an argument or opinion has a reference or a support. It could be an experience, a quote, a link, a prototype or a physical proof to validate your point of view. The more authentic the evidence is, the more persuasion will be received to your point of view.


When the explanation part comes up, the writer is supposed to provide an explanation to the readers to further support his point. The evidence that was provided needs to be elaborated here so that the readers do not hang in air. It is done to make your readers understand the sensitivity and focus of your content. It is really important for a writer to follow all the rules involved in peel essay structure because it required a writer to properly explain his aspect to the readers. It should not just go over their heads nor should it be too long that the reader loses his interest in continuing the reading.

  1. LINK:

The linking part is what some of the writers do not pay attention to. It is actually the final words or conclusion of the content. The writer must give a linking sentence in this part to show that all the paragraphs are connected to each other and coherence is not missed. The linking sentence must connect with the main point of the peel paragraph. The readers must be taken back to the main idea of the content.

PEEL writing is a tool which is used to keep a pace and format of an essay. It maintains a boundary so that a writer does not deviate from the main idea of the content and also helps in preventing the essay or a paragraph to sound irrelevant.

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