What the hype is all about? Has a new movie been released? Is there a new season coming out of your favorite TV series? You can catch up on your favorite shows, movies, documentaries – ALL ON NETFLIX! It’s so exciting. Even the thought of browsing to an account that’s yours, in search of a perfect movie or show, so that your holidays are well-spent. We all love Netflix. We just need an internet connection and of course, an account to binge-watch all those shows we have seen everybody raving about. Whether you are with your friends and family, the love of your life, you can take your midnight snacking and party to a whole another level. You get to enjoy the company of your loved one and get to enjoy your favorite shows in HD.

People have so much to do these things, the workload of their homes and offices and now with the COVID-19, most of them are unfortunately fired from their jobs. A good show on Netflix can really help them in lightning their mood when they take a break from figuring out what can be done in such dire times. You see no matter which phase of life you are in, Netflix saves you at the end of the day! For most people, it might be wrong, but for whom it works, they can relate to it. But is that all? Only perks, excitement, thrill, and the enjoyment of Netflix? There’s more to it.



Netflix is a party, but it has now become a lifestyle that is incredibly harmful to students these days. Being distracted from your studies is one thing. It can’t be that much of a trouble when you catch up on that course or spend the rest of the day studying after a Netflix break. But those who are so hooked on it, can’t save themselves from completing the entire season in a day, it sounds like trouble. When we talk about the harmful effects of Netflix, students don’t take it seriously. We have all been there, in the same phase of life, where we find everything exciting except for studies. But we have to give it our best or else we will fall backward pretty hard. Let’s drive you through the more harmful effects of Netflix.

Where you think you can overcome the loss of study, there are several factors attached to the bad side of Netflix. When you lose focus, you are distracted. Gluing your eyes to the screen also results in a lack of sleep which ultimately leads to bad health. Your whole body pains, your body stops functioning as it would normally. Fatigue and lack of appetite make your mood worse and you either wake up annoyed, stay peevish the whole day, or you simply want to give up on everything in your life. Not just this, but your eyesight is badly affected as well and why wouldn’t it? You are using the screen for more than 8 or 10 hours every day and you would be sorry once you get those glasses on your face also which you have trouble dealing with now. With so many things going on in your life, the last thing you would want is something that badly affects your health, be it physical or mental state, getting so serious that you miss out on the real fun and adventure life is blessing you with. As a result of so many unfortunate circumstances that are making you stressed, you fail to take the load of assignments your professors are throwing at you and this just adds up to your worries. Turns out you are oversleeping and missing your exam, which affects your grade and you are back to square one.



When you binge-watch a show more than ever on Netflix, your ability to distinguish between what is fiction and what is reality disappears. It is like you have built a world of your own, where you think everything is revolving around your head, the voices – everything messed up. Now, most students may not take this seriously but it’s true. You are always tired and getting irritated by the smallest of things on which you should have laughed off when you first heard it. But hey, everything that has perks also has its downfall, you can’t just expect everything to be glitter and gold in a dystopian world. You get stuck in reverse and you fail to handle things on your own. It’s the time when mental illness is at its peak and you’re continuously struggling to fight it. You were once independent and having everything in your life under control, but when you stay awake for days just so that you can watch Netflix, it will adversely react to you, your life, and your health.

These are some of the things that you should definitely consider before going after a show that won’t benefit you in many ways. You should always keep a balance in your life. The one in which you enjoy your shows when you get the time or when you take a break while also studying for the exam that’s coming up or revising the course in advance so that when the exams come near, you aren’t overburdened with the course at your shoulders. A break is a great thing in your everyday busy routine, and if you have a lot of work to do in your life and you need some rest, you can always turn to the assignment help UK get some support and save yourself from drowning in the semester.

Where balance in life is quintessential, it’s imperative that you practice a healthy lifestyle and also teach your beloved friends to do the same. You can all grow together, being independent, and gaining back the confidence that you once lost when you were not giving yourself sufficient time and were after the shows you shouldn’t have been watching that time. Students may not realize this later but we all tend to be more careful towards things once the damage is done. It’s better to be smart from day one and save yourself from the distress that comes immediately after making bad decisions. Netflix is good and all, but there’s a bad side to it and it’s better not to get attached to it if you want yourself living a happy and blissful life.

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