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The Wait Is Over: The UK Made Coronavirus Home Testing Available To Millions

There are thousands of 10 – 15 minutes coronavirus home tests that are found on the high street or more amazingly, for Amazon delivery. These are available for everybody who is isolating himself, according to the PHE – Public Health England, in a way that could save hundreds of lives in this challenging time due to the pandemic.

The director, Prof Sharon Peacock, of the well-known National Infection Service at the PHE, talked to the MPs on Science and tech. A committee that it is highly likely for mass testing to take place in the UK within days, and mentioned that the finger prick tests should be evaluated and completed this week. Later, the government was directed towards a more cautious way and said that it is not possible for the tests to be available that quickly.

Thanks to the government of the UK, there are now 3.5m tests which will reveal if someone already had the virus and is therefore said to have immunity – and is now ordering a thousand more tests.

On Wednesday the usual press conference of the Prime Minister, the scientific and medical advisers of the government stated that they wanted to be sure if the tests have actually worked in the past before they are made available again.

The chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, deemed the evaluation of the tests more important as the tests should be accurate enough for the general public to use it. If the tests are indeed very accurate then they will release them using the fastest way possible. And if they fail to be accurate then not a single one of them shall be released.

He said that the tests would “completely transform what we can do” – they were still not as significant as the tests of antigen which are used for the diagnosis of COVID-19 for sick patients in hospitals.

Boris Johnson mentioned that they would do whatever they can to make sure the antibody tests are available, and they would do it as quickly as they can. He said that they are massively boosting up their testing programme.

The home test is similar to a pregnancy test which includes the finger prick for producing blood drops and is later analysed by a device.

In the words of Peacock, “Several million tests have been purchased for use. These are brand new products. We have to be clear they work as they are claimed to do. Once they have been tested this week and the bulk of tests arrive, they will be distributed into the community.”

It is good news for us to witness the Amazon agreement. Amazon has confirmed to fulfil the distribution and the tests will also be available in chemist shops. Moreover, the kits would be available to Amazon.

Where these finger-prick blood test kits are giving us life at this crucial time, the NHS nurses and doctors with symptoms would find out instantly if they were infected by COVID-19, and that will make it easier for them to come to work sooner. This is an additional advantage for their immune as well as it means that they could go on with their normal lives, without having to work remotely or keeping social distance. The rare cases of reinfection have occurred, but it is widely believed that having been infected by COVID-19 makes people safe from the disease. Again, all thanks to the 15-minute home coronavirus tests.

The tests have detected that IGM is present – it is an antibody that comes quicker in the infection. IGG is gradually increased when the body responds to the virus. Some of the results of these tests can be read easily by anyone, however, others would need the help and expertise of healthcare professionals.

Keeping in mind the UK is not just one country giving orders for these antibody tests. According to Prof Sharon Peacock, “Tests are being ordered across Europe and elsewhere and purchased in south-east Asia. This is a widespread practice. We are not alone in doing this.”

Peacock also told the committee that Amazon had approved to deliver these home tests and she did not give any suggestion that the ‘Royal Mail might be given the contract to Amazon.’

She also said that the antibody tests are associated with the programme focused on increased testing. The nasal swab tests will be increased in number within the next few days and are presently being used to find out if the severely sick patients in hospitals have COVID-19.

According to the coronavirus’s latest updates, the government has promised for these tests to reach 25,000 for existing viral infection. The previous week, the figure of tests topped 8,000, but from that moment, have decreased to 5,522, luckily getting better yesterday to 6,491.

Peacock said, “There is urgent work going on” – she mentioned there were plans to test at least 100,000 key workers in a day. Greatly, the centre for test processing has been set up in Milton Keynes to allow an even larger laboratory of these Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests.

The test kits that are home-based would be like the third phase of this testing programme. The fourth being the seroprevalence testing involved the blood tests to determine how prevalent this virus was in the country.

In this tough time where we need everybody’s support and want them to create awareness for how to test for coronavirus for those who are less fortunate but still seriously infected by the disease. We want everyone to take coronavirus tests to make sure they are free from this serious infection and that they don’t infect others on their way as well. The tests for coronavirus shall also be made available. Where maintaining distance with other people, wearing masks, sanitizing your hands is important, it is equally crucial to make sure you pass on the valuable information to keep your loved ones safe. The affordable nursing assignment help UK is actively contributing its part in this epidemic and you should definitely reach them for any help or service you require.

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