5 Amazing Things to do in London on a student budget

Ultimate Guide on College Travel Hacks: 5 Amazing Things to do in London on a student budget

People go crazy when they hear something is at a discounted price or even better, for free. You will be surprised to know the college hacks you can make the most of while you’re in London. Sounds a little bit insane, right? But it’s true. Since London is one of the most expensive places, it is said that you can always be sure of one thing while being in London – it’s the expenses.

No matter where you go, it’s like you’re paying double the price of what you should. And if you don’t have enough money, then the real problem arises. You think you can’t enjoy your time in London. You can’t witness the beauty of the city just by walking on foot and covering long distances because it’s impossible. You think it would have been way easier if you found a way out that’s more accommodating, but you have full belief that something for “free” is out of the question. Well, that’s not entirely true. If you’re on a student budget for London travel, you can do amazing things and spend your time to the fullest!

In this blog, you will find some travel hacks on a student budget that you will be incredibly fond of. Check them out below!



People who have the chance of exploring the places they have always wished to consider it a blessing. The feeling is inexplicable and your heart keeps throbbing when you are one step closer to the dream destination you have always wanted to visit. Even though different people have different tastes in various aspects of life, the thrill of witnessing the beauty of our mother nature remains intact and when you have the chance to do that for free, you go all over the moon! The city of London has comfortable buses on which you can easily go on a city tour by buying a ticket. This bus tour will take you to the exquisite areas of the city – be it alongside the river, the old, paved streets, or the pubs, you get to choose it yourself.



It’s easier to have a good time when you can see the gleaming skylines at an affordable price. Whether we talk about the student budget travel Europe or benefitting from the student travel card London, it gets super convenient when you get your tickets just for 18 Euros or 30 Euros for an excellent view from the top. The Shard is the building which consists of 95 (high) floors. Not just the clouds, but you can also have the super amazing feel of the absence of noise, the peace, and the lowlights of the city. You also get the chance to check out the walkie-talkie structure free of cost and check out the third-largest building, The Heron Tower, of the UK. And if you love riding in the air, it’s a win-win! You can hop on the Emirates cable car to multiply your fun.



As a student, you must have that huge pile of work in front of you waiting to be completed. You can give it your time, but you are cracking up because of the already disturbed and busy routine that you want some peace. What to do now? You can get for your work and go on a travel adventure to ease your mind without having to contact any travel agency in London. London has amazing museums but the museum of London has its own value and it is famous for its art and architecture. Having no money is not a problem when you can get to visit the well-known art of all ages. If you don’t have any interest in museums or history, you can always go to admire the street art and have a great trip. The British Museum, apart from its name, displays all the cultures that you would be so fascinated by if you have a thing to know more about the rich heritage and so you should definitely visit this place.



How to travel on a student budget? Food is there to save the day! We know that London has the most delicious food so you should avail of this fully-fledged opportunity and explore some great cooking skills in the Vincent Rooms of future chefs. These people offer low costs but, if you feel like having a taste of a certain community, then you should totally go to the open kitchen. The Bonnington Cafe is another scrumptious place of its kind where it gets harder to decide if the food is fine or the price. Your taste buds will be satisfied and your cravings will be extinguished.



Travel freaks always need a different or unique aspect of their journey. Anything that can amuse them, anything that drives them crazy, any place that makes them feel this is it – our life is complete! Theatre is something connected more towards the costly side of London, but if you are surprised to learn it’s a travel hack, then my friend, cheap assignment writers are with you. You can admire Shakespeare art in just 5 Euros and buy the yard ticket to see brilliant performances at the Globe theatre. Good thing is that Fridays call for a discount, but if you can’t invest your time, a standing ticket will be feasible for you to check out a short play. But don’t forget, you have to wear comfortable shoes to fully get the excitement of it all.



Where London can be a city of expenses and extravaganza, there’s always a way if there is a will. Being a student, you can always experience the fun side of the city on a student budget and be satisfied with all the enchanting memories it has to offer.

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